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Romero's Family Romero's Family

The Romero family used to prepare the hottest and most addictive sauce in the region. A simply spectacular recipe that goes well with any dish. One day the Romero brothers decided to test it on the national market and it worked. The demand and acceptance is tremendous, the company grows, becomes institutionalized and the vision expands and the production is enough to satisfy the demanding palates and conquer new markets.


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Extra-Hot Habafuego

Our traditional habanero sauce made with only six ingredients of the highest quality, without coloring or preservatives and with the traditional roasting that achieves that characteristic texture and color.

Ranch Habafuego

We mix our traditional Salsa Habafuego with delicious ranch dressing and achieve a new dimension of creaminess, flavor and aroma. With the traditional spiciness of Habafuego.

Buffalo Habafuego

Combination of Buffalo hot sauce with our original recipe from Habafuego extra hot

Cilantro Habafuego

Creamy Cilantro Dressing with a touch of our original sauce Habafuego extra hot

BBQ Habafuego

Take the flavor of traditional wings to another level with our sauce Habafuego BBQ, as well as ribs and all the dishes you want to give a new dimension of flavor.

Black Sauces Habafuego

If you are already a fan of eating your snacks with black sauces, become a Habafan of our sauce Habafuego Salsas Negras that adds the touch of habanero peppers to the classic black sauce mix.


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